portfolio / ERC2014 web game

CG art: Paweł Sańczyk, Konrad Mruk
code: Adam Grudziński, Konrad Mruk
platform: web player
for: ERC2014

Game was created to promote the European Rover Challenge 2014.
The application has been created with the Unity3D framework.

Player task is simple: find four tickets to the event, hidden somewhere on the map. The whole action is planned for five to ten minutes.

During the mission, the player has a chance to find also some "hidden" objects. After resolving the quest, the player have to back to the base, and activate the transmitter to find hidden youtube channel.

During the promotion, it was more than 1300 hits on the page with game, and more than 600 games was played.

ERC2014 Web Game. Click to play.