portfolio / Mitutoyo Polska Sp. z o.o.

project/CG art: Konrad Mruk, Krzysztof Grudziński
code: Adam Grudziński
for: Mitutoyo Polska Sp. z o.o.

screenshot ogólny aplikacji 3D na iPada

The work originally consisted of graphic design, and creating interactive 3D application for the iOS platform (iPad 2), presenting numerical measuring machines of the Mitutoyo Corporation.

widok na maszynę Roundtest RA-2200

Close cooperation with the customer, look for optimal solutions to meet various needs of the client and used by WroVision software allowed the introduction of significant changes during the execution of the order.

widok na maszynę CMM z głowicą dotykową

Finally, we have prepared a versions that works on the iPad2, the new retina model, and the standalone PC version. For the implementation we chose Unity3D framework which allows the preparation of applications for Android, Mac OS, Adobe Flash and WebGL.

screenshot edytora Unity3D

Hardware iPad proved to be strong enough to work with lots of technical 3D models. Retina iPad, despite the fantastic resolution of 2048x1536 pix, displays the image with a frequency 30fps. Standalone PC version, running on modern hardware refreshes in accordance with the native frequency of the screen.

ujęcie makro na sondę pomiarową Roundtest

As part of the order was also the production of the four promotional videos, featuring action measuring machines under actual working conditions.

ujęcie na głowicę laserową w CMM

For the production of the film, we used a professionals from a company soul seed media.

director: Michał Bernardyn
cameraman/lighting: Sylwester Kaźmierczak
producer: Konrad Mruk
dla: WroVision, Mitutoyo Polska Sp. z o.o.

All rights reserved © 2012 soul seed media, WroVision, Mitutoyo Polska Sp. z o.o..